Feb 26, 2022 · Moon in the Tenth House of Astrology (True Meaning) - Wisdom Tavern In astrology, the moon in the tenth house signifies a strong attachment to career. The tenth-house moons also value public image and reputation. Skip to content "Quench your thirst with a sip of knowledge. Sate your hunger with a flavor of wisdom." Menu Home 7 Universal Laws. Juno in the 11th House can make you realize your real deal in a relationship. It makes you want more genuine things rather than temporary intentions. When Juno is in the 11th House, you want friendship as the foundation of the romantic relationship you will have soon. You know that when you have a strong sense of company towards a person, it. Juno will tell you, who your partner will be. It is an asteroid, which tells you what kind of partner you really need. This is ‘the marriage asteroid’ and it represents how someone relates to a partner in the context of a committed union. In mythology She is the daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter, and mother of Mars, Minerva and and Vulcan..

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